Chesapeake Searey offers training through Chesapeake Sport Pilot, the premier light sport flight school in the country.  Having first opened its door in 2007, Chesapeake Sport Pilot has since provided nearly 20,000 hours of light sport training and rentals.  Chesapeake Sport Pilot’s staff is composed of experienced and dedicated staff, each of whom average nearly 10,000 hours of flight time.

All of Chesapeake Searey’s flight instructors are accredited through the Searey Flight Instructor Association. Not only does this assure that our instructors meet the highest level of quality but that training provided through them counts towards significant insurance discounts should the purchase of a Searey be in your future.

Chesapeake Searey’s training plane is specially designed and equipped for flight training. It is uniquely built for maximum useful load which allows us to offer seaplane ratings for pilots up to 230lbs and transition training for pilots up to 250lbs.

Transition Training Chesapeake Sport Pilot offers Searey transition training accredited through the Searey Flight Instructors Association in our Searey.  Our instructors also independently offer training in customer provided Seareys that are purchased through Chesapeake Searey.


No prior experience: 13.5 Flight hours, approximate cost is $5000

Tail-wheel endorsed or seaplane rated: 10.5 Flight hours

Recurrency training: 4 Flight hours

In order to complete the course with minimal time and cost, pilots are encouraged (but not required) to become current in a light sport airplane before beginning the course.

Seaplane Ratings and Tailwheel Endorsements – Chesapeake Sport Pilot offers seaplane ratings from light sport through commercial add-on our Searey.  We also offer tailwheel endorsements on our Searey.

Flight Reviews – There is no better way to complete a flight review than by learning to fly a Searey.  We offer flight reviews on our Searey for pilots of any certificate level who hold and airplane single engine land or sea rating. Please call for an individualized  estimate of training time and cost.

Light Sport Initial Airplane Ratings – Having provided nearly 20,000 hours of light sport training and rentals, is the industry leader in sport pilot training. Chesapeake Sport Pilot is happy to provide initial sport, recreational, or private pilots ratings on any of their land airplanes.  Chesapeake Sport Pilot can tailor a concentrated training course to meet your needs and is happy to transition you to the Searey upon completion of your initial airplane rating. Please call for an individualized estimate of training time and cost.